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Outside Leather ®

Every leather is unique, and the leather of every pair of gloves differs. The variations among different pieces of leather make your gloves special, authentic and contribute to the uniqueness of your pair.

  • The  calf leather or buffalo leather are the leathers in which the surface is the most important part and the fibers are  at the same time natural and irregular. These characteristics make these leathers  particularly resistant and high quality materials, which have earned them the nickname of "diamond of leather".

  • The goat leather "Cabrette" is soft and durable. It is mostly used for fabrication of gloves, footwear and wallets, thanks to its  robustness and suppleness. No other leather can support such "torment", without ever tearing itself at the level of creases, unless being regularly maintained by way of being greased on both its sides.

The  finishing
  • leather " Full fragrant " is a leather having kept its surface of origin. The noble part of leather, showing the characteristics of the skin: natural fibers and wrinkles.
  • leather "Aniline " is a leather " Full fragrant " on which transparent finishing is accomplished by a very light protective film which confers on the skin the softness and the suppleness.

CORDURAOutside Cordura ®

"Cordura" is a particularly solid textile fiber of DuPont.
It is a textile extremely resistant to abrasion (4 times more than normal nylon, or even 20 times more than cotton). The slightly harsh surface is typical for this cloth. The melting point of this fiber is in 210°C. The unit of measure of Cordura is the denier. The weight of the thread is measured in grammes for a length of 9000-meter thread. A textile in Cordura 500D is fabricated of a thread the weight of which is 500 grammes for 9000 meters.

Outside Protection

Outside protections Carbon Kevlar ®
Reinforcement of gloves: protector of the knuckles, fingers, cuff, made of  one or of several fibers such as the glass fibers, Kevlar fibers and carbon fibers (weaving + resistance).

Inside Reinforcement inner Kevlar ®

The  poly-para-phenylene terephtalamide (Kevlar ®) has various properties, such as the resistance to warmth, to elongation or cutting. It is therefore used in numerous domains where these characteristics are searched:

  • Bulletproof jacket, helmets (combined with one or several other fabrics such as the fiber of glass or carbon).
  • Reinforcement of clothes.
  • Yacht sails
  • Aircraft, aerospace domain (cockles of ships, wings of planes...)
  • Different sports' equipment (speed skating, snowboarding, skiing, canoeing, fencing, rowing...)

KEPROTECTInside Reinforcement inner Keprotec®

It is made up of Cordura®, stretchy polyamide, Kevlar ®, constituting different fine coats.