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BOLID HANDWEAR SYSTEM® is the creator and producer of top-range gloves. BOLID HANDWEAR SYSTEM® develops sports accessories in close co-operation with its customers and top athletes. Since 1992 BOLID ® has been specialising in the creation of top of the range sports equipment. Since 2005 BOLID ® has been concentrating all its knowledge, combining performance and technology on the development and production of motorcycle, bicycle and ski-racing gloves in Grenoble, France - the 'heart' of the Alps, where they have been thoroughly tested. It is the successful co-operation with top athletes and our own specialists from textile and production fields which makes the BOLID ® concept a winner.

We are fiercely proud of this co-operation, their feedback is vital for product development!

Technological progress, innovation and skill are the foremost aims for the BOLID ® brand.

BOLID ® - « The best quality at the best price »



May 4, 2012

You started with a ski club, ski school, company or association, and you want BOLID your colours?

Jan 23, 2012

We search commercial partners, for long term cooperation all over the world.