Bolid Handwear System® creates and produces the gloves. Bolid Handwear System® develops sports accessories in close cooperation with its customers, including the outstanding athletes. BOLID®, the brand specializing since 1992 in the creation of upmarket sports equipment, has been concentrating all its know-how, for 5 years now, in the development and production of  motorbike, bicycle and ski racing gloves, combining performance and technology. We offer a wide selection of technical gloves designed for maximum protection against passive elements (friction, temperature) and active forces (impact, vibration, shake).
The Bolid brand has its cutting edge design and superior protection. Bolid products are created with a specific, original and ergonomic hand protection system, based on six perfectly constructed glove models: Leopard, Lion, Lynx, Aero, Energy and Chrono.
Bolid ID is the only online possibility to personalize gloves to meet individual aesthetic needs.
Bolid = High quality products at reasonable prices.
Bolid = Pro quality gloves with expert fit and unique style.

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